Gooest Tech 2022, projection, competitive, decompression, interest, interaction, simulation


Product description:

Tennis is a real game scene using the serve machine and software screen, realizing that players use AI to take real -time competitive interactive products through AI in the screen.While ensuring competitiveness, players can make different difficulty challenges, eventually rank and achievement and points, which can be used to redeem individual character skin and special effects.


How to play:

Play tennis and interact with the screen, and challenge according to the logical rules of the game.


Product highlights

1. The highly replay rate: In the future, there will be an online mode (digital π app), which supports online team formation, invitation PK, bullet screen interaction, data feedback and other functions, and it will be fun to compete with real people in 1V1.

2. Strong sense of substitution : Professional sensor device, perfect restoration of tennis flight trajectory.

3. High playability: More intelligent AI is used for real-time confrontation, which avoids the relatively boring mechanical battle and improves the durability and randomness of repeated challenges of the product.

Product Model: Event Challenge

Suitable for: Age 15+