Graffiti World

Graffiti World
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The graffiti game is mainly based on fairy tale style. It can exercise the children's cognition of color by using the form of non-complete freedom. At the same time, with a little guidance, discover the unknown fun and expand the imagination. Because the scene is large and rich in content, it is suitable for parents and children to participate in collaboration, which improves the interactive experience of parent-child interaction.
After the game starts, the theme scene appears; the scene is divided into the foreground and the back scene, the back scene (the first scene) is the magic cartoon style forest scene, the foreground is the painting element, the foreground element is the white gray map at the beginning of the game; the player uses the brush on the wall Face random graffiti, as the player's operation, the elements that are "swept" by the player's props will gradually fill the color and texture; as the area of ​​the element being filled with color becomes larger, the animation effect is gradually becoming more and more "Live"; all painted and cut into the next scene to form a complete story line similar to the fairy tale form, increasing the fun of the game; physical props increase the player's sense of operation and participation, the player can touch or slap through the props The elements and characters in the game interact to trigger a variety of colorful and interactive effects.
Mainly in children's paradise, playground, naughty castle, park, parent-child activities etc.