Oil-Paper Umbrella

Oil-Paper Umbrella
Gooest,Art,Projection,Scenes,Light and shadow,Interactive
With the "oil-paper umbrella" as the carrier of Chinese culture, the art of light and shadow shows the beautiful scenery of the four seasons all year round, aiming to promote the traditional Chinese culture in a novel presentation form, and to keep you quiet in the busy downtown.Here is not only the memory of elegant life, but also the interpretation of the old texture of the new life and new space.
Spring, "wet clothes to apricot rain, blowing not cold wind." Wandering in the green sea, sucking green nectar. Wind blowing, rain floating, sunlight .Green willows, flowers and the return of spring. As the experiencer walks in the scene, waving his arms, the tender grass will spread out, and colorful butterflies will appear in the interactive area. With a soothing background of music, it creates an environment where the experiencer is exposed to the rain of spring.
Summer, "why hate, summer shade is good." The fragrance of flowers, rain and cicadas. Floral, attracted butterflies, attracted bees, have expressed love to flowers. Visitors walk in the scene. Rape flowers will scatter, and insects with summer characteristics, such as butterflies, summer cicadas and bees, will appear in the interactive area. With background music and cicada singing, the scene of walking in the wild rape flowers is immersive.
Autumn, " The autumn river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky;The evening glow parallels with a lonely duck to fly"  The wind is cool but not cold, the water is clear but not ice. The silver maple trees on both sides of the road swing in the wind, giving the road a deep red carpet, also bring some years of gray mulberry, desolate feeling. Experiencers walk in the scene, wind in the side rolled up pieces of dyed red maple leaves, the ground exposed ancient green brick; Occasionally on the ground, flocks of wild geese migrate south. Although the gorgeous red spread all over the room, but also hard to hide the autumn a desolate.
Winter, " As if the vernal breeze had come back overnight, adorning thousands of pear trees with white blossoms." All over the sky flying snow, all things will be covered with snow .In silence, the air is quietly filled with the fragrance of plum flower. Winter, the season of hope; Hope, flying everywhere. The experimenter is in the scene, waving his arms or walking, and the red plum drops from the branches around him. Tits perched on plum trees also fly away in panic at the "sudden" arrival of experiencers. Even in winter, the proud cold plum blooms alone

The oil-paper umbrella with Chinese culture brand is used as the carrier of presentation. The old flavor and modern technology are interwoven to depict the beautiful artistic picture.Using industry-leading technologies to demonstrate the ingenuity of art.It inherits traditional Chinese culture and deepens the viewers' sense of national identity.