Amazing animals show

Amazing animals Show
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The sphinx in ancient Egypt and the classic of mountains and seas in China both depict animal heads and human beings. People are full of imagination about the combination of animals and human beings, which reflects the beautiful wish of human beings to live in peace with animals.The light and shadow interactive game "variety animal show" of star technology can make the imagination of "combination" of children and animals come true, and stimulate the pure nature of children to love animals and nature.
Amazing animal show is designed to help children understand the importance of caring for nature by allowing them to experience the charm of life in a variety of animals.The product is simple and easy to play, high participation, support multi-person games, can effectively improve the site utilization
Amazing animal show is suitable for kids age over 4 years old, It can be applied to children's playgrounds, amusement park, naughty castles, parent-child and other multi-media interactive places. The number of screens of the product is single screen, and the projection is in the form of presentation. The children can interact with the game by waving their arms.
Waving arms to change the face graph 
Adaptability: it can quickly adapt to the local market, and the project can get benefits quickly
Novelty: fresh gameplay and screen can quickly attract more customers
Strong relativity: can significantly drive the earnings of other projects
Continuity: the game is abundant in content to maintain long-term revenue
Attraction: more players’ game, multi-person onlookers, stable and sufficient passenger flow
Operability: easy to operate, easy to use, realistic experience, high player stickiness
Interesting: the gameplay is in line with players' preferences, and the pictures are realistic and exciting, which are deeply loved by players
It can be applied to children's playgrounds, amusement park, naughty castles, parent-child and other multi-media interactive places.