Immersive Digital Art Museum
October 2021,interaction, art,Immersive,entertainment,Holographic projection
In Beijing Shijingshan Shougang Park, across the street on the east side of No. 3 blast furnace, on a building of about 8,000 square meters, the word "Licang" is very eye-catching. This is the Leicang Immersive Digital Art Museum, a cultural complex operated by the Beijing Asia-Pacific Cultural and Rong Data Technology Research Institute. The name Leicang is taken from the homophone of "silo", which means that it inherits the spirit of Shougang's industrial culture of continuous self-improvement. At the same time, the word "le" conveys a visual perception and artistic atmosphere.
As a key project of "New Shougang" to build a sci-fi industry cluster, Leicang's sci-fi sense focuses on the application of cutting-edge digital technology in cultural scenes. There are 6 digital light and shadow exhibition halls on the first to third floors, a total of 300 high-definition projectors and motion capture equipment and other high-end equipment, laying a solid foundation for creating an immersive and interactive light and shadow art feast.
In addition, the venue uses immersive interaction and light and shadow effects to create a sense of science fiction and the future. The immersive light and shadow space customized for the digital light and shadow exhibition hall by Site Technology, a leading enterprise in the field of digital new media research and development and application in China. These digital contents are not only beautiful on the screen, full of artistry and sci-fi, but also creatively integrate advanced interactive effects such as holographic projection and real-time rendering into digital contents, creating many interesting new gameplays.
For example, in the "Crossing the Border Galaxy" unit on the second floor, the scene can perceive the movement path of the tourists on the ground. Every time the tourists move, a small star vortex will appear under their feet. The tourists are in different galaxies, and the ground effects are different. .
Visitors can also learn traditional Chinese etiquette through AI interaction, and fly Kongming lanterns, which symbolize good wishes, at the virtual ancient lantern festival; they can also help Hou Yi to accumulate energy through screen interaction, shoot down the sun, and go on a journey of tasting herbs with Shennong...
In addition to unlocking the hidden gameplay of digital technology and feeling the fun of technology, Leicang also pays great attention to the refinement and communication of traditional Chinese culture and spiritual concepts.
The creation of all digital content starts from the specific images of mythical characters, ancient sages, etiquette culture, ancient and modern heroes, etc., and restores the scenes in classic stories through digital light and shadow, showing the spirit of these heroes who yearn for beauty and heroic struggle, so that tourists can feel immersed and positive Upward cultural and spiritual connotation.
Thousands of years of Chinese spirit and culture have been repeatedly scrutinized by well-known domestic academic institutions, scholars and artists, so that every tourist can find their own home and country feelings in the warehouse and redefine the way of love. The top digital technology and the cultural core that has been passed down for thousands of years are combined with the modern industrial scene in the warehouse to stage a shocking, interesting and upward immersive interactive light and shadow exhibition.