Flower Dance Pickup Light and Shadow Art Experience Exhibition
September 2018,Art,Watch,Device 
Flowers have always been regarded as a symbol of romance. Each kind of flower has its own story behind it. No matter east or west, they are full of romantic fantasies about the beauty of flowers.
It seems that the spirit of the universe, flowers are more people think of pure, beautiful, although weak provoking love, but sometimes tough let a person cherish.
Flowers with their own riotous and beautiful, is endowed with all the world's good love, those pick up the light of the good mark, will always be remembered.
Digital art combines with sound, light and electricity to weave a intoxicating dream. Flowers in four seasons compete with each other, fade and finally disappear.
If the water has the form of formless, murmuring down the high, like life, convergence, diverge, and integration, finally flow into the unknown distance;
Butterflies, fish, frogs......, all the natural things are condensed into a space, there is no four seasons, no clear distinction, no boundaries of all real existence, thinking here jump, "beauty" infinite extension.
Pick up the light, beautiful, forever.The viewer enters the space and enjoys the installation after a short mental rest.
Distant flowers bloom, fade, disappear, each scene only once, miss will no longer exist.If you touch them with your hands, they will speed up the movement of the flowers. If you stop, more flowers will grow around you. People and flowers become one and become part of the art installation.
The water also leaves from the height, meets the human this "obstruction", produces the change, the diverge, the fusion.People in different positions appreciate the work, appreciate the different people in the work, and vice versa, are also appreciated by others.
Here you are a visitor and part of the installation. Different people have different feelings about it.
The device is below the action of computer technology, change colour ceaselessly, transparent chimney will give off light device hood among them, through the series connection of the line, present orderly beauty, repeat, gradual change, have a law.
The viewer can move freely into the space and feel different "beauty". If the stars are all in front of him, the romance and beauty are silent and waiting.