GOOEST Paradise in Jiujin Square, Shanghai
October 2017,Art,LED,Watch,Device  Daejeon,China,Shanghai
The first "GOOEST Paradise" settled in Shanghai, accommodating crazy magic balls, magic fireworks, magic sea, fantasy sand , dynamic slide, virtual beach, dynamic ground.
In GOOEST Paradise , the ocean ball "incarnate" screen interactive game's new weapon, pick it up to hit big screen, hit the target after scoring, there are a more than 10 kinds of crazy magic ball games, thrilling and full of challenges.
GOOEST develops children's creativity, empowers them with magic, and allows them to dominate everything in the sea.
Draw fish, give fish fresh life, fish will swim, give full play to imagination, color the fish, teach in fun, let children play in learning, entertainment, so that children's creative point and autonomy can be brought into full play!
In GOOEST Paradise, sand glows, there are mountains and water, there are fish swimming, there are planes, there are flowers, there are houses and trees, there are not only sand in the desert, children can give full play to their imagination to build mountains and dams.
Artificial rainfall is used to control the flow of water and change the color of sand. It is impossible for the child to open up and realize everything in the desert!
In GOOEST Paradise, the slide is endowed with new magic, with a variety of magical effects on the slide board, flowers, butterflies, fish, snowflake bungee jumping balls, candy kites, and other novelty and cool effects that you have never heard of.
Waiting for you to explore the secrets!GOOEST moved fishing talent into the real world, fishing for shrimps and crabs.
There are all the prey you can catch on the beach, on the soft beach, with white waves, pick up hunting tools to start your fishing journey!