KIDZMARU Korea Children Park
December 2016,Art,LED,Watch,Device  Daejeon,Korea
Gooest Media Technology achieved cooperation with GOLFZON, a Korea listed company.
Since then Gooest products officially entered into Korea market.
The coorperated project, which is Korea KIDAMARU Children's park was sucessfully completed in Oct 24,2017. And the grand opening was on Oct 28,2017.
The coorperation is very pleasant not only because of sincere communication but also joint efforts from both sides. 
Here have to mention our appreciation for the support from coorperation partner Pureum LNT. 
Gooest benchmarking with international standards, and constantly upgrading and surpassing.
With the concept of continous improving and innovation, we make strict demands on ourselves and greet milestone moments one after another.